Monday, October 17, 2011

"LOOK DEEPER" (a multimedia reflection)

Usually, I remember things in pictures. My undergraduate advisor admonished me to remember that as art historians "we are the keepers of the pictures."On the night that Troy Davis was executed, I was still very much raw from my mother's untimely death. I watched the news reports dumbfounded and numb to what was happening.  All I could remember was 11:08. That number will be permanently etched in my memory.
Still, I have no pictures for Troy Davis, only numbers (1108, 9212011, 1989, 1918, 1945,892011,2008) and names--names that seem unrelated. I can finally comment, but as an art historian I am still trying to come to terms with the pictures that I already see...

Meta Warrick Fuller, Mary Turner: Silent Protest Against Mob Violencepainted plaster, 1919.

Historic Marker (2009)

The Lena Baker Story by Lela Bond Philips

Lena Baker Story (the motion picture)

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