About Me

Afro.Art.Nerd is my virtual NoWhere Land. The place where I refuse boxes and it doesn’t matter that I’m too corny to be cool, I have too much Target in my closet to be a fashionista, I’m too unchurched to be a church girl, I’m too much of a womanist to be a feminist, I don’t have enough theory on my sleeve to be a blackademic, I care to much about fashion to be an academic, and I’m too much of a hippie to be a good military wife.
I hope you enjoy my lovely little world of paradox (parody?) as I share my ideas, goals, outfits, projects, and (very rare) outings.

I'm elated to have you here! Stay a while. Don't be shy! Email me to say hello and introduce yourself. Share your theories about Afrofuturism or open-toes shoes with tights: elizabeth at afroartnerd dot com.
My favorite posts are
· Respect the Wisdom of the ‘Fro,
· MyLife Story in Perfume,
· Hair Chronicles (Me and My Stupid Hair)  and
· Tending to my Mothers’ Gardens in a Room of my Own.

Stick around and come back often; Cheers!

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