Wednesday, November 9, 2011

BOWS versus 'FROS

The larger & longer my hair has gotten the less confident I've become with wearing hair accessories. I wrote a post last week admiring Elle Varner's look at Black Girls Rock! I took a few notes and some observations so that I can make some use of my huge collection of hair flair.
  1. Common Sense. There isn't a clip or comb in this world that accommodate my mane so I must stick to headbands or decor attached to bobby pins (my head will be throbbing in 15 minutes).
  2. Balance. As much as I love earrings and necklaces, I cannot wear all three at the same time.
  3. Simplicity. Keep the hairstyle as simple as possible to promote an air of sophistication to a flamboyant accessory. And if I choose to wear an out of this world afro, I'll probably let my hair do the talking without accessories. 
  4. Selectivity. Choose accessories adventurously but wisely (if Mini-me goes crazy over it, I didn't choose the right accessory).

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