Friday, November 11, 2011

A TRUE FASHION ICON: Happy Birthday Mrs. Daisy Bates

Daisy Bates and her husband L.C. owned and operated a black newspaper press to keep African Americans informed of news that affected their community. They were active members of the NAACP, but they are best known for their diligent and successful efforts to integrate Little Rock's public school's in 1957. The Little Rock Nine were escorted into Little Rock Central High School by soldiers against the will of the local enraged community. The road for the children, their parents, and the Bates was dangerous, but they perservered. In her memoir The Long Shadow of Little Rock, Daisy Bates reveals that she was emotionally exhausted from the constant stress. Yet she remained composed under the pressure with incredible style, grace, and beauty. Mrs. Bates is not only a true style icon, but an example to this generation of women of sacrifice and steadfast devotion to our values.
“Jailing our youth will not solve the problem in Little Rock. We are only asking for full citizenship rights.”

"What is happening at Little Rock transcends segregation and integration–this is a question of right against wrong." 

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