Monday, November 7, 2011


My grandmother had a keen sense of style. She never wore a pair of pants a day in her life. I thought she was weird when I was younger, but now I feel blessed that she instilled a modicum of femininity that few women can say they have had. I thought she was mean because she expected the same commitment to femininity from me. I just wanted to fit in and wear pants, jeans, and shorts like everybody else. I know I inherited a lot of my flair from her. She gave me my first sewing machine; I remember it so well.

Ruth Ellen, whom I affectionately called Gramma, must have taken this picture in the early to mid-1940s. I'm 90% sure that she is in Perrine, Florida, and not the Bahamas, which made me wonder why she was wearing a capelet over a long-sleeved shirt. Whatever the reason, she is working it, especially with that flower pin. I attempted a similar look, but to my chagrin I didn't pull it off as gracefully. I had too many heavy layers, which ultimately made me look heavy and uncomfortable. I have a lot more to learn from Gramma...


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