Monday, December 5, 2011

WHAT I WORE TODAY: An Art Nerd's Day Out (I Shopped 'til I Dropped)

I don't have any posts about Christmas hauls or gift recommendations, but I will spare you the "bah, humbug story" and share what's on my heart. Appreciate your loved ones (I lost my Mum unexpectedly in August. I took for granted that we would grow old together), show kindness to strangers, and let your goodwill last beyond Kwanzaa. As a military wife, I am content with having my husband home this Christmas and not in a war zone--no material gift could ever replace that.

My shopping trip  was to the commissary. It usually takes me so long because I'm a couponer . I'm not extreme yet, but I'm getting there.

Jacket: Old Navy | Blouse: The Limited | Dress, Bracelet, & Clutch: Forever 21
Shoes: Sam&Libby | Belt: Nine West


  1. Cute! I have always wanted photograph an outfit of the day in the grocery store

  2. Just make sure that there is no one behind you waiting to fill their produce bag. I was so embarassed when I realized that there was an elderly man behind me waiting to get to the Fugi apples. I check your blog daily so, I'll be waiting for your post!


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