Friday, January 27, 2012

An Art Nerd’s Night In: Project Runway All-Stars on the DVR

Season five of Project Runway had three of my favorite designers in the history of the show: Korto Momolu, Kenley Collins, and Leanne Marshall (the winner). The judges no doubt had a difficult time deciding between the three women’s stellar collections! I personally thought there should have been a three-way tie. A few years later Heidi decided to bring back the best of the best for Project Runway All-Stars. Korto was among them. I was intent on seeing Heidi and her crew send Korto home with the prize —her collection was breathtaking. But again they placed her at the cusp of victory only to dash her aspirations. I was highly annoyed.
Kenley's Designs from Project Runway

Kenley's designs for the finale
I stopped watching the show after that episode. When I saw that Kenley was coming back for this this season of Project runway All-Stars, I couldn’t resist; so I broke my moratorium. I want to see her win! Kenley makes the most irresistible clothing. I would wear absolutely anything that she makes. Right now I’m coveting her Houndstooth Mini Beret. I can’t wait to see what she made last night…

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