Monday, January 16, 2012


When I saw Gap’s advertisement I closed my eyes and disturbing images began to flood my mind (art historians are the keepers of the pictures…)   Maybe I should be excited that MLK Day is being exploited as a shopping holiday just like President’s Day or Labor Day. Now there is true equality in corporate opportunism, at least.  
What are we opening the door to?  I see this scenario going a couple of ways:
People of all colors and creeds could get ripped off for overpriced and poor-quality merchandise side by side, shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand in perfect harmony...* they contemplate the days when it was not possible for African Americans to even try on clothes in a department store (if they were even allowed in the store at all).
I hope that as consumers walk the aisles side by side they remember the multitudes who marched in front of segregated establishments and braved police brutality unarmed. Perhaps there could be a moment of silence at the cash registers. 

These sales must be stopped or we run the risk of losing the memory of MLK’s accomplishments and their legacy for worthless trinkets. #
Oh wait…

*   "Brawl over Jordans: Arrests, pepper spray, gunshots, brawls and doors pulled off hinges” December 12, 2012

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