Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Library Chic: National Library Week, April 8 - 14, 2012

I hate|loathe|despise wearing pants. There are very few stores that tailor pants that can accommodate my ridiculous hip to waist ratio. The Gap's Premium Fit Trousers usually do the trick without spending a fortune in tailoring (but I digress).

Cardigan & Trousers: Gap | Top: Old Navy | Wedge Pumps: Jessica Simpson

Pants are an occupational hazard. Who wants to be in a dress when two little girls come into the library and ask for every book about Cinderella? We scoured the shelves from top to bottom, and sat on the floor between the stacks scanning pages for "authenticity." I wasn't exactly sure what my new friends were looking for, but they soon expanded their search to include any and all princess books.  I was excited because I was ready to pull two of my favorites: The Paper Bag Princess and Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters. The two girls quickly dismissed my suggestions; then, I realized their search criteria -- Disney princesses.

So we regrouped & found every Disney princess book available. It took all I had to keep my mouth shut and remember this was not Mini-Me! NO SOAPBOX RANTS IN PUBLIC PLACES...

The girls and their mother checked out their haul of books. They are extremely blessed with voracious appetites for reading and I was blessed to be a part of their quest for princesses. 

I still hate|loathe|despise wearing pants, possibly even more now.  


  1. Aww! I wish those girls could know what they're missing. Coincidentally, I just re-read Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters two weeks ago. It just popped up when I was going through some books, and I used to like it as a kid. I enjoy it even more as an adult. I love having more context -- I certainly had never heard of the Great Zimbabwe when I first read it, for example.

    1. I was trying not to impose myself, which was very, very difficult. I understand how enthralling Disney can be. Maybe one day when they're older they'll remember me and those books.

  2. I'm glad the girls are reading, but too bad they passed on "Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters". And I love the cardigan, by the way!


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