Thursday, December 1, 2011

Today is World AIDS Day

The statistics concerning HIV/AIDS infection and black women are staggering. Black women are still disproportionately affected by this heinous disease. The odds seem like they are against us. Is it because we don’t respect the wisdom of the ‘fro? Have we fallen for that Superwoman hype? Or is it that we must speak of this issue in hushed tones while the tempest howls around us? My dearest Zora Neale Hurston, we will not be the world’s stubborn mules!

There is hope. Scientists make progress everyday, coming closer to a cure. Medicines allow those infected with HIV & AIDS to live longer and more productive lives.

Here are some resources below, but there is nothing like a girlfriend who’ll listen to you vent and dismiss the stigma. Open your heart. There may be someone waiting in the most unlikely place…

CDC (Centers for Disease Control) have joined with these organizations:
Willow (Women involved in life learning from other women)
Sister to Sister and SIHLE
d-up: Defend Yourself!! and Many Men, Many Voices
Support because 100% of proceeds go to a global fund that supports communities in Africa devastated by HIV/AIDS.

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