Thursday, December 8, 2011

Your Personal Fashion Stylist

In the online magazine Coco & Creme  Danielle Pointdujour asks "Would You Hire A Fashion Stylist?" I say yes. A stylist isn't a luxury of the rich, but the necessity of the working woman. My expertise is performing closet overhauls, which sometimes turn into interventions. I sort, reorganize, and classify, create outfits, and provide a shopping list to fill the wardrobe gaps.

Stylists are essential in an economy based on consumption. Some women are bombarded by the limitless choices, not knowing what will work or what won't. Some women think that it's expensive to pull together a great wardrobe. Others don't know how to work with the pieces that they already have. The focus becomes consumption at all costs, which is a recipe for disaster. Without a goal you're destined to waste money and time and become frustrated. A stylist lends the proper focus.

Who/what helps you solve your wardrobe dilemmas: siblings, friends, mannequins, TV shows, books, magazines?

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